Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where to Put the Trash

Not too long ago, I purchased a 30-gallon plastic flip lid trash can for my sewing room.  You know the kind that you can't see inside of, but is tall enough to store a lot of fabric scraps?  I put all those end pieces and  project fabric strips into it for the day when I have nothing else to do and decide to crochet a rug or piece a strip quilt together.  I mean, seriously, I probably need one even bigger waiting for that day, but then who knows when that day will come, so I must be ready, right?

My wonderful, husband, who is so good about emptying all the trash cans the day before trash day, did his duty one night and yes, you guessed it, emptied my 30-gallon fabric scrap  trash can along with all the other trash.  You can only imagine and yes you would be right, how shocked I was, but it was then that I realized maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all and now I leave my fabric trash outside the door to my sewing room on trash day; it's healthier for our marriage and saves the poor guy from thinking, to take or not to take.  I mean, really was that a blooper on my part or what? 

Speaking of trash and scraps.  I have several quilting friends who have been drooling over my bag that hangs on the edge of my table when sewing and have decided today is the day I will finish two I started some time ago.  So, it's off to the scrap pile (yes, I have built it back up) and the sewing machine to finish those cute little trash bags.  I'll post the finished pictures to remind us all that one person's trash is always another person's treasure.  Lesson learned - creative storage needs a label and maybe a trash can isn't such a good idea? 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great Giveaway

I just love giveaways, don't you?  How about this one at Fave Crafts.  An entire package of pens and supplies from Sakura worth $75.00.  Better hurry and get signe dup for this one.  All sorts of pens, stickers, glue and supplies and all in a very nice box too.  Whether you can use these supplies for crafting, scrapbooking or quilting, there's something for everyone in this fabulous giveaway.  Sign up for your chance to win at: 

Go ahead there just has to be something in this package you can't live without and besides who can resist a free giveaway?  Not me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Straight Out of Line

Here is another topper made with the Creative Grids Karla Alexander ruler.  This one is called the Straight Out of Line and it makes this modified 4-patch design that appears to have curves in it even though you only have straight lines.  The ruler is simple to use and the result is this easy 4-patch design that appears to be curvy.  I'm working on another one using just two colors and will post when finished.  This first one is from a fat quarter combination that just calling out to me yesterday, so I made it first.  Want more information on the Creative Grid rulers?  You can find them all at:  Take a look and see what's new and available. 

Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Curved Slotted Ruler Quilt

I recently purchased two new rulers from Creative Grids that I'm excited about.  The first is Karla Alexander's Curved Slotted Ruler.  The concept once you do the cuts is the same as her stack the deck process, but instead you are working with curves.  Not a fan usually of curved quilting, but this one is very easy to put together.  Here is a pic of the blocks in progress.  Can't wait to see how it finishes up.

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Lone Star Quilt

Finally finished this Lone Star quilt for a friend.  Once I actually got into the process it wasn't so bad.  It was made using Quilt Smart fusible interfacing and it went together pretty smoothly.  It's nice not to have to worry about those pesky points.  Only thing is...I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt.  I quilted a feathered heart design in the triangle backgrounds and in the big corner squares.  She loved it and that's what matter, right?  One comment I have if you're using the Quilt Smart.  Some of the registration lines for lining up the fabric weren't there, so you have to be real careful.  Otherwise, it was a great way to make a Lone Start and surprisingly (well, I guess it's suppose to work this way), all the points match when finished and well, I just might do another one for me now.

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